Relaxation day for Two

How does it work? - While one person is receiving their tension melting Hot Stone Zen Massage, the other person enjoys a hour of blissful peace & quiet in the weightless environment of the Floatation tank (then you switch).

How long does it last? - The entire relaxation experience lasts about 3 hours and includes shower time for the Floatation Tank and a relaxing cup of your choice of Three Zen Blend Herbal Teas accompanied by Ghirardelli chocolate after your relaxation session.

How much does it cost? - Because the Massages and Floats occur at the same time, we are able to offer this service for a great price. The total cost is $285.00 and includes Two Zen Massages, Two Floats and all the enlightenments.

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We started offering the Relaxation day for Two in 2005 and it quickly became a client favorite.

"I can honestly say that the massage & floatation combination is a one of a kind relaxation experience that will leave you feeling absolutely amazing."