We have the only float tank in Austin, Texas with underwater speakers.">

The Zen Blend difference

Privacy & time: One of the things people really enjoy about our service is the way we schedule our floats.
We schedule a maximum of 3 clients per day so you have plenty of time to shower, ask questions and fully enjoy the floating experience without being rushed off before the next appointment.

Water purity: In addition to the normal floatation tank filtration system, we use an ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT PURIFICATION system to insure water purity. UV filtration is the absolute best system available and should be used by all float centers.

Underwater speakers: One of the most unique things about our tank is the underwater speakers. If you're a first time floater we typically will suggest using music for the first 15 to 20min. to help ease you into the experience and help you relax as quickly as possible. Once the music turns off you'll enjoy about an hour of blissful silence before the music gently returns to let you know it's time to exit the floatation tank.

Details about our tank
Oasis floatation tank, purchased new in Oct. 2000
4 speaker underwater sound unit (users option)
800 pounds of Pharmaceutical Grade Epsom salt
The floatation tank has a weight limit of 275 lbs
Ultraviolet filtration system
Ozone room purifier
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