What is a Float Tank?

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Detailed Q and A information

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londonfloatcentre.com - Float tank center in South London w/ 4 float tanks
floatworks.com - Float center in London with 6 float tanks
Why float? - Seven theories on why floatation is so effective
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Float tank association - Information on float tank center standards
oceanfloatrooms.com - New design for float tanks
kundalini & reiki sites:

www.kundalini-reiki-healing.com - (Experience the energy of Kundalini Reiki for healing and personal developement)

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www.massagetherapy.com - Find a massage therapist employment Massage Therapy and Bodywork Massage schools Reflexology Estheticians careers and everything to do with massage therapy.

Floatation tank in Austin Texas
Austin's only floatation tank with underwater speakers

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Floatation tank: information & links