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    FLOAT, Floatation Center - Art Gallery - FLOAT is an urban art spa committed to providing an ever changing space that showcases local artists, and provides an opportunity to unwind, float and open-up the creative channels in all of us. Taking a different view of what a spa should be, we are dedicated to the simple fact that every float should be as unique and extraordinary, as the art.
    Phone: (510) 535-1702 www.thefloatcenter.com

    Floatation Location - Float in Venice Beach, CA.
    Phone: 301-225-1905 www.floatationlocation.com

    Chumayo Spa - Holistic spa offers guests a floatation tank, massage, sauna, and energy work. Upstairs guest room, complete with a kitchenette for visitors. Enjoy Chumayo, and explore the small historic city of Blue Lake or hike along the Mad River. 5 1/2 hrs north of San Francisco on the coast. Reservations: 707-668-0101 www.Chumayo.com

    New York

    Blue light floatation - Blue Light Floatation is located in an immaculately clean, peaceful and private setting in New York City's Chelsea district. Each client is treated with the utmost care, courtesy, and personal attention, and allowed ample time for a relaxed and leisurely experience. Floaters are provided with complete bathroom and showering facilities, clean towels and all toiletries. First time floaters will receive a clear and thorough orientation prior to floating. After your session, a glass of herbal tea is served and you are invited to relax in a quiet room. www.bluelightfloatation.com

    Floatation Tank Austin, Texas

    Zen Blend - The only Floatation tank in Austin: Specializing in stress reduction, relaxation and stress free living, zenblend.com offers the perfect combination of physical and mental relaxation by combining massage and Floatation. Enjoy a tension melting Hot Stone Massage or experience blissful mental silence in the Float tank! Located in Austin, zenblend offers all the extras (peaceful, open space with huge vaulted ceilings, soothing candlelight, aromatherapy, table warmer, hot stones, walking trails, and more...) Treat yourself to something special, call zenblend.com today! (512.292.4ZEN) www.zenblend.com

    Global Floatation Centers


    London float center - Four Floatrooms (sauna size floatation tank) in large natural health centre. Also agents for Ocean Floatroom floatation tank sales. www.londonfloatcenter.com


    Float Base - Floating, Massage & Yoga ab sofort auch als Gutschein erhältlich. www.floatbase.de


    Salt Therapy in Canada -The Salt Therapy Health and Wellness Centre provides treatments using mineral salts and natural products renowned for their therapeutic effects. From over 300 meter deep salt caves in the Ukraine, we have mined solid bricks of salt to build our two Salt Rooms, simulating the salt caves used in Speleotherapy. For relaxation and wellness we also offer mud treatments using a mineral salt mud from the Dead Sea and floatation in high concentration Epsom Salts.